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Hey there! I'm Padrick Ritch, an independent filmmaker, freelance production and post-production specialists, and educator who's passionate about sharing stories that resonate with audiences worldwide. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of showcasing my work at various festivals such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Les Instants Video, Festival Internazionale Del Cinema Di Salerno, and Antimatter Media Fest.


From New York City to London, Los Angeles to Toronto, and even Buenos Aires to Berlin, my films have reached audiences across the globe. It's been an incredible journey, connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds through the magic of cinema. I've had the privilege of showcasing my work in public exhibitions at The Michigan Theatre, Jarvis Conservatory, and the TSAI Performing Arts Center in Boston independently and as part of the AGX Film Collective.


As someone deeply involved in video production and post-production, I've had the privilege of collaborating with some amazing institutions like Harvard University, The Washington Post, The Brattle Theatre, and others. Additionally, I've worked with organizations such as Family Services of Greater Boston, The Mayor’s Office for Boston, and even got involved with the longest running cooking show in America, Chia Italia out of Rhode Island PBS. My experience spans across various roles including director, camera operator, lighting specialist, and editor. I truly enjoy teaming up with clients and production crews to create content that bridges local communities with the institutions and businesses that serve them.


During my time at Harvard, I worked as the Production Supervisor of the Rita and Gustave Hauser Digital Teaching and Learning Studio and served as a Technologist in Production for the renowned CS50 course for six years. In these roles, I specialized in crafting live-action productions from scratch, diving into everything from lighting setups to camera work, live directing, and editing. Alongside my colleagues, we introduced some innovative solutions at the University, like setting up our own 4K workflow, creating custom LUTs for each project, and even delivering content in HDR. But beyond the technical advancements, the most rewarding aspect was making educational content available to over a million viewers worldwide, sharing the knowledge and expertise of Harvard's faculty and students with the world.


When I'm not behind the camera or editing, I'm all about sharing my knowledge with others. For the past 12 years, I've been teaching film production and post-production, screenwriting, and film studies at respected institutions like Boston University, Harvard University DCE, and Wayne State University, among others. It's incredibly rewarding to mentor the next generation of filmmakers and help them discover their creative voice. Witnessing students turn their aspirations into realities in the world of film and video is truly one of the most gratifying experiences on my journey.


Outside the classroom, I've been heavily involved in curriculum design at multiple universities, revamping production equipment and studios, introducing new courses, and fostering collaborations with other departments to develop cross-listed courses and interdisciplinary learning approaches. Additionally, I've been engaged in committee work focused on enhancing student engagement within their local communities.

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